PEPCO Montgomery Sustaining Contract

Montgomery Sustaining Contract

Project Detail



Project Detail

Project Location: 16624 Crabbs Branch Way, Gaithersburg, Md.
Contract: PEPCO Montgomery Sustaining (Various Vaults)
Owner: PEPCO
Project Supervisor: Domenic Ascosi
Contract Value: $282,000
Completion Date: January 2013

Description of Work:

Anchor Construction was hired by PEPCO to perform work on a variety of vaults for Montgomery County’s new Equipment Maintenance and Transit Operations Center (EMTOC), which opened in October 2013.

Major work included:

  • Installation of concrete encased ductbank approximately (1) 985 LF of 5” fiberglass, 8 way conduits; (2) 115 LF of 4” fiberglass, 2 way conduits; (3) 60 LF of 5” fiberglass, 4 way conduits; and (4) 165 LF of 5” fiberglass, 6 way conduits
  • Excavation, furnishing and installation of 3 each 6’x12’ MH
  • Excavation, backfilling and pouring of 2 each 3W gang switch pad and 4 each 3 phase URD loop fuse foundation

*All conduits, fittings and accessories were provide by PEPCO.