River Oaks Sewer Extension and Improvement

  • river oaks sewer extension
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  • river oaks sewer extension
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  • river oaks sewer extension
  • river oaks sewer extension

Project Detail

Fairfax County, Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPW and ES)


Project Detail

Project Location: McLean, Va.
Contract: River Oaks Sewer Extension and Improvement
Owner: Fairfax County
Project Supervisor: Wen Liang
Contract Value: $6,048,358
Completion Date: February 2009

Description of Work:

Anchor Construction worked with the Fairfax County DPW and ES to make public water available to 114 existing properties located predominately in the River Oaks subdivision of McLean, Va. The project was named “Project of the Year” in 2009 by the American Public Works Association (APWA).

Major work included:

  • Construction of approximately 23,000 LF of sewer main pipe varying in size from 8” diameter gravity sanitary sewer pipe to 1-1/4” diameter force sewer main
  • 250 VF of precast concrete manhole
  • 69 grinder pumps and electrical connections
  • Trenchless by directional drilling and jacking and boring to construct sewer main
  • 900 LF of water main relocation
  • Asphalt overlay for roadway
  • Extensive restoration and other related items