Anchor Awarded 2019 ‘Top Jobs’ Winner by NUCA

Anchor was awarded as the 2019 ‘Top Jobs’ winner for its efficient and swift execution in the 17th & D St. Emergency Project. The National Underground Contractors Association (NUCA) ‘Top Jobs’ is a national competition that recognizes challenging and innovative projects completed with excellent results. Anchor crews addressed a collapsing roadway damaging a 39” x 58” sewer line, demonstrating exemplary teamwork throughout the process. (June 2020)

MdQI Partnering Award for 2019 (Projects Under $5 Million)

The MdQI Excellence in Partnering Award recognized the successful collaboration in the MD 224 Bridge over Potomac River Branch project, between the MD State Highway Administration (MDSHA) and Anchor. The two stakeholders demonstrated best partnering principles that resulted in the replacement of a new single span, pre-stressed concrete slab panel bridge in September 2019.

Best Project of the Year in 2018 from WBC and HCCA

The scope of work included lining 2,100 LF of 48″ sewer pipe, rehabbing seven manholes, shotcrete of two enlarged structures, and installing temporary and permanent bicycle trails. Rehabbed an upstream structure, creating a doghouse manhole for 48″ sewer system, bypassing 169 MGD with two by-pass systems and two diversion systems. Created an environmentally pleasing area for pedestrians and bicyclists, that included a stone facade and permanent fencing along the Potomac River. Relocated an unexposed manhole, created specialized sluice gate system for two structures, and performed a specialized restoration and filtering system.

APWA Project of the Year Award 2009

The American Public Works Association (APWA) presented its Project of the Year Award to the River Oaks Sanitary Sewer Extension and Improvement project for an established community in McLean, VA. The successful installation of 112 sanitary sewer connections had no lost time, accidents, citations or safety violations.


2020 WBC Craftsmanship Award

Project Name: 44th & Reservoir Road Rehab Culvert,  Washington, DC
Anchor was called to an emergency flooding of a culvert, located in a downward walk of a 45degree angle off of the 44th St NW area. Crews worked around the clock, filling sandbags and lowering them with a conveyor belt system to make the area below safe for access, and built a 100-foot step system to get down to the project, while being tied off to a guardrail system for security purposes. Inside the culvert, it was discovered that the roof of the culvert had approximately a 130 ft. long crack down the center and was compromised. This culvert was holding up a historical rock bridge system that was underneath 44th street in NPS area. Leading from one side of 44th to the other side of 44th down to continue into NPS area. The ceiling of the culvert was repaired using rebar, shotcrete, and other products to stabilize it. It was then noticed that the sides of the culvert had structural damage as well and they were shotcrete along with rebar reinforced. New foundations were poured for the edges of the bridge to stabilize it since there were numerous stones missing, and a shift of over 4″ away from the foundation wall.

2019 WBC Craftsmanship Award 

Project Name: UPI-Crescent Trail, Washington, DC
Work began in 2015 with a 48″ lining project and the rehab of seven manholes. During the lining phase, it was discovered that various holes along the C&O Canal were leaking into the storm drain and sewer systems. These holes were rehabbed, and Anchor’s subcontractor, AM Liner, successfully lined 48″ pipe for 2,100 LF. During this process, Anchor rehabbed an old pumping station and designed sluice gates for the old pumping station and ‘manhole 1’. Seven manholes were rehabbed and lowered to meet owner expectations of being three feet higher than various shapes and sizes.

2018 WBC Craftsmanship Award

Project Name: DDOT-Klingle Valley Trail Project, Washington, DC
The craftsmen working on this project did exceptional work completing utility rehabilitation, concrete retaining walls, stream restoration, stormwater management structures, bioretention swales and ponds, and a porous asphalt trail. This section of the roadway was closed in 1991 after severe flooding damaged and eroded large portions of roadway between Cortland Place and Porter Streets, NW.


ABC STEP Platinum Award Winner 2016-2017 and Gold Award Winner 2010-2015

Established in 1989 by the Associated Builder and Contractors (ABC) National Environment, Health & Safety Committee, the Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) program was developed and written by contractors, for contractors. The ABC STEP Gold Award awardees meet a score at or below the NAICS code average for Total Recordable Incident Rates.

Dig Smart Award 2018-2019, 2014-2017 and 2011-2012

The Miss Utility Damage Prevention Committee holds the annual Dig Smart Awards as part of its quest to promote underground utility safety and recognize those who steadily work toward damage prevention. For 2011-12 the Committee reviewed entries from some of the safest contractors in MD and DC.


Best Construction Company of the Year 2017

Anchor was named the winner of the Moxie Award for DC for being the boldest and most innovative construction company in the DC metro community.

NUCA Ditchdigger of the Year and National Leadership Award 2014

The Ditchdigger of the Year Award is one of the National Underground Contractors Association’s (NUCA) highest honors. Presented annually at NUCA’s convention, the Ditchdigger of the Year is awarded to a contractor member who has made a significant contribution to the association, as well as the underground utility construction and excavation industry.