“Anchor is a truly unique company. Each employee I have had the pleasure of dealing with emits a sense of pride and enthusiasm that comes from working for your company. After getting to know everyone, it is easy to see why.”
Jason P.

“I want to thank you for your quick response and excellent work. In the future I will always use Anchor for all of my concrete needs. The work of your crew on site was one of the best I have seen in my 31 years in the construction industry.”
Terry F.
Allen & Shariff Construction

“As a retiree I had the opportunity to be a “sidewalk superintendent” and observed that the work was well organized and well done. We are especially appreciative of the work that some of the men did to reinstall some plantings that had to be dug up to accomplish moving the meter. One of these days we’ll be redoing our driveway and front walkway and will surely contact Anchor Construction.”
Alan L.

“[You] and your crew who were called to excavate and find a water line break on Queensgate Road in Baltimore, Maryland 21229, on February 09, this year, that the work was prompt, apparently very well done and cleaned up after it was finished. Were were without water for only less than one day. You deserve a rousing THANK YOU! So often, if things do not go well in these situations, people are quick to vent their frustrations in a negative way and sometimes heads roll as the saying goes. Well, we on Queensgate Road are expressing our sincere appreciation for a job quickly & so very well done. Your crew deserves our gratitude.”
Vic C.
Baltimore Resident

“Dear Natasha, On behalf of Smith & Sons, LLC, I want to thank Anchor Construction Company for giving us the opportunity to perform our trade with a larger profile for the most important local customer in our trade, the D.C. Water Authority. This experience has allowed SSLLC to experience and learn important lessons that will propel us to the next level of our development. We look forward to working with Anchor again.”
Mike S.
Smith & Sons

“I am writing to express my appreciation for the superb work that your office has conducted in my neighborhood for the last year or so. It is never easy to upgrade antiquated water and sewer delivery systems. Nor is it easy to replace crumbling curbs and pave streets while being sensitive to the needs of an area’s inhabitants and their varied needs or wishes. Yet, your staff has exhibited uncommon professionalism in the face of the many difficult challenges in this area… They have made the revitalization work in this area easier to endure and are the embodiment of superior public service.”
A Mario C.
The Aegis Group

“I wanted to write this letter of appreciation to let you and your staff know that their efforts in completing the consent decree portion of this project on time are recognized and greatly appreciated by myself, my staff and D.C. Water. This was a difficult project with some unforeseen conditions adversely affecting the timely completion of key elements required to meet the consent decree deadline. Your team’s ability to work closely together with my staff and D.C. Water to solve the problems was instrumental in accomplishing this task…Please let your employees know we appreciate and recognize their efforts as part of a team working to accomplish a common goal.”
Neil C.
Bryant Associates

“You should know that we rarely write these letters. Field supervisors are paid to do a good job and we always have high expectations. In the case of your field supervisor, however, our experience has been so unusually superior that a letter seems necessary. He led the crew by example and made sure safety was the top priority. He pushed for productivity each day and avoided lost time due to shortages of material, planning or coordination. With a site that was remarkable in its difficulties, he anticipated to the extent possible, identified problems and alternate solutions, and documented well. He dealt with the chain of command in an appropriate manner and kept the many levels of supervisors informed and comfortable. With straight talk and credibility, he represented Anchor well. We commend you for empowering such a manager.”
Jack S. and Jeff G.
Coakley Williams Construction

“As Director, I stopped by the project site today to inspect the project set up. I was very pleased to see that your safety culture is strong as evidenced by the two test pit shoring efforts. Seeing this type of work effort assures me that the City and Anchor will be celebrating a safe and successful project. My appreciation to you and your site foreman. Keep up the good work.”
Richard C. T.
Director of Utilities, City of Fairfax

“Anchor recently finished two difficult water/sewer connection projects for Douglas Development. Both of these projects were difficult, working in very tight spaces with lots of traffic, tight/fluctuating schedules and overnight shutdowns. I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were on both these projects with the amount of cooperation, hard work and the “get it done” spirit we experienced for all the guys on the crew. They went over and above for us on both these projects. Especially working all night on the shutdown then right into the next morning as needed to get the flush test done to maintain my schedule with no complaints, all smiles and cooperation. It’s been a pleasure working with a great group of guys who work very well together under a lot of stress. It’s refreshing.”
Christopher R.
Douglas Development Corporation

“I am a homeowner and I am writing to commend the work recently done by Anchor Construction Corporation. A week before the work actually began, Anchor notified the residents in the area, they put up safety nets around the trees and used safety cones to identify where the work was being done. When Anchor began the actual work, they were all about the work, taking time only for lunch and short breaks, if any. Despite the unbelievably hot weather, they continued working. They workers were very respectful of the neighborhood and cleaned up before leaving the site. There were some minor damages done to walkways and the field operations manager made sure that the damages were repaired to the homeowners’ satisfaction. On behalf of the neighborhood, thank you for a job well done!”
Judy M. L.

“This week one of your employees was acting as foreman for a DC WASA project on my street. I wanted to write to let you know how professional, courteous and kind he was in our dealings with him. Due to D.C. regulations, we were potentially going to lose hundreds of dollars of custom landscaping on our yard to install the required WASA valve. He worked with the inspector and got on the phone to WASA to help us negotiate a way to save our trees and shrubs. During the installation, he kept us apprised of everything the workers were doing and how things would work in the yard. He also made sure that the yard and sod was replaced to look exactly as it had before they came. We can’t thank him enough for the courtesy he extended to us.”
Rebecca K.

“A crew from your company completed driveway and ground repairs at our residence in Silver Spring, Md. They are to be commended for their diligence, skill and speed. Also their conduct on the job was of the highest.”
Evans N.

“Over the past three weeks, we have had the Anchor Construction crew at our location. We have been very happy with the professionalism and craftsmanship of all the employees. The work looked challenging with many underground surprises, which the crew prevailed upon with great success. I would gladly recommend Anchor to anyone who would like professional results.”
Ken G.
Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental Service

“Thank you for your park in the fine crew leadership on the West Street project. We could not be more pleased with the transformation you and your crew has made to our city. The way your company handled such a major undertaking in a busy area was poetry in motion.”
Joetta and John H.
Annapolitan Bed and Breakfast

“I wanted to compliment you for the work done today. Your foreman is courteous, excellent and an asset to your company. Every worker was doing work at all times and worked well together. It is difficult to do good work with the alacrity they displayed and they achieved both. In short, I would recommend your company to anyone.”
Josh and Kim R.

“As project manager for the City, I had weekly interactions with your lead foreman and was always impressed with his overall character. Throughout the project, he displayed incredible leadership skills along with a vast knowledge of construction practices. His hands-on approach is refreshing to see. He would lead his crew from the front lines, in the hole, cutting pipe, doing whatever was needed to complete the task. He never cut corners and exhibited a strong sense of professionalism and candor. Despite the challenges that were evident on this job, such as the winter weather, the daily working hour constraints or the waterline locations themselves, the job was completed to the City’s great satisfaction, on time and within the budget.”
Chris F.
City of Fairfax

“For years, we have been begging the D.C. government to please address the issue of our dangerous and broken sidewalks. Finally, your company arrived on the scene last week and did the job. And quite frankly, we feel blessed and lucky it was Anchor Construction. It was a rather large and labor intensive job to tear up and replace our sidewalks and through it all, your foreman and his crew worked steadily and professionally. We noted how polite they were to us and anyone who passed by. Your company made a very, very good impression on us all by both the excellent job that was done and by the polite and professional demeanor of the crew. We were impressed by how hard they all worked. Our thanks and appreciation go out to your company for doing such a great job for us and the whole neighborhood.”
Fr. Larry D.
Franciscan Monastery

“Anchor Construction was hired to replace an existing subcontractor was an understanding that they would mobilize immediately and work with a much accelerated schedule. From the start they met and exceeded our expectations proving to be the best subcontractor that we have on the jobsite. They have been excellent to work with and fair and understanding. I highly recommend them for any utility project and look forward to working with them again.”
Stephen H.
MLK Jr. Memorial Project

“I want to highly commend the work of your crew. They were professional, cordial, expeditious and thorough in their work and the result of their craftsmanship left me a completely satisfied customer. They never took a break and coordinated with me numerous times throughout the job to assure I was satisfied. This level of effort and professionalism is missing in much of today’s workforce and I recommend that these employees are worth a lot to your company in workmanship and good will.”
Richard H.

“This letter is an epistle of praise for the magnificent teamwork which took place on 34th St. I am an amputee and my car was moved twice a day. I was helped to walk, you offered your arm. Your team must be an example to all the DC, VA and MD workers. Praise, praise, praise!”
Genevieve B.

“Your team has gone above and beyond to make the house look as nice as possible for our Board of Directors meeting. They have mulched and seeded the open ground, pressure washed the new brick work, moved materials and equipment to make sure that each room is accessible, in short really done an amazing job. We are all very appreciative of their hard work and respect for the house and are grateful for your attention to detail and extra attention to our project.”
Page H.
Sewall-Belmont House and Museum

“Yesterday, I had one of your crews replace the existing lead pipes in my home. I am pleased to say that your group of employees performed flawlessly from start to finish. Your staff kept me informed of the progress, providing me with details related to the what, where, why and how throughout process. Their positive work ethic was evident as seen through the difficulties they faced with digging out a 5 foot hold of compacted clay that makes up most of my front property area which was underneath a new stone patio. Your staff cordoned off the areas in which worked with sheeting, thereby maintaining the cleanliness of my home and patio area. I was pleased to see, at the closure of this project, the high quality of work completed both in the interior and exterior of my home.”
Tim P.

“Thanks to all for your efforts this weekend. All scheduled work was completed ahead of schedule, allowing cancellation of the night shift for Sunday night. Extensive coordination and communication was required continuously throughout the weekend to overcome obstacles as they arose and continue to prosecute the construction plan. All foremen understood the weekend’s plan, prioritized their work tasks and adapted their work areas to complete the tasks efficiently and safely.”
Jim M.
W.A. Chester