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Up and Running
Keeping our Power & Communication Lines

Power and communication lines help to light and connect our world. Anchor specializes in servicing these key utilities to keep our communities thriving.

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Water is critical for survival but it’s also a powerful and potentially damaging resource. Anchor employees are experts in the field of building and rehabilitating vital wet utilities to ensure their safety and stability.

Aging Storm, Sanitary & Water Lines

Protecting Our Communities'
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Surfaces of any big city can cause major headaches if not cared for properly. It is Anchor's civic duty to fix and restore our roads, sidewalks, and parking lots for a safe and smooth ride.

& Creating Curb Appeal on the Routes We Travel Every Day
Minimizing Dangers
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The population is growing, but the aging infrastructure isn’t always ready to meet these demands. Let Anchor help rebuild and restore critical structures and bridges for the community.

Our Structures & Bridges to Keep Us Moving Now & in the Future
Building & Restoring
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Conserving precious resources and minimizing disruption to local communities is a priority for Anchor. That is why the team utilizes sustainable and green construction methods whenever and wherever possible.

& Minimally Disruptive Construction Methods
Specializing in Sustainable
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Bursting pipes, cracking surfaces, and dangerous snow and ice can create major problems in communities. Anchor offers a number of indispensable services all year long.

All Year-Round
Expecting the Unexpected With You

Specializing in Utilities and Infrastructure Construction


underground utilities

Underground Utilities

When it comes to servicing vital wet and dry underground utilities, Anchor accepts nothing less than the highest quality of work.

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surface restoration

Surface Restoration

As part of its civic duty, Anchor specializes in restoring and maintaining the roads, sidewalks, and parking lots used every day. 

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structures bridges

Structures & Bridges

Anchor’s expertise includes constructing safe and reliable structures and bridges to help get you to your destination. 

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specialty construction

Specialty Construction

Anchor creates sustainability by reusing valuable resources and minimizing disruptions with innovative construction methods.

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other construction services

Other Services

The work is never over – Anchor offers year-round service, including a number of indispensable and emergency construction services.

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construction careers


Anchor is looking to grow its team of professionals! At Anchor, it’s more than a job – it’s a career.

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Anchor is proud to be categorized as an essential business providing valuable utilities to the public throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

If you are interested in working for the Anchor Construction Corporation, visit the Careers Page.

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